Did you know the biggest festival in Dubai is the Dubai Shopping Festival? This gives you a clear glimpse of how much the Emirate loves to shop. So the bottomless sightseeing list isn’t the only thing impressive in Dubai. 

A shopping haven for everyone, you cannot visit Dubai and come back empty-handed. With its many shopping malls and souks, there is something available for every tourist. But with so many options, people tend to miss some of the must-buy items. So if you’re wondering what to buy in Dubai, we have prepared a list of 16 products that Dubai is famous for.   

Here is a list of the 19 Best Things to Buy in Dubai:

  • Gold and Diamond Jewellery
  • Oudh and Bakhoor
  • Pashmina Shawls
  • Persian Rugs and Carpets
  • Arabian Coffee and Coffee pots
  • Arabic Attars
  • Electronic Items
  • Camel Milk Chocolate
  • Arabian Dates
  • Dubai Spices
  • Hookah Pipe
  • Arabic Lanterns
  • Lamps
  • Incense Holders
  • Traditional Arab Shoes
  • Arabian Daggers
  • Precious and Semi-Precious Stones
  • Sweets
  • Local Sandals

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